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A Book to win your Customers in
PEB Project Meetings.

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1500+ Amazing design with variation of 10 different colours Helpful for convincing your customers.

Addresses the most asked query by a customer to a PEB manufacturer "how my building will look"?

In rapid growing economy many customers don't always look for architect driven project and believed on PEB manufacturer skills for elevation of their sheds and factories  . However for PEB manufactures it has been always challenging to show a right elevation to their customers. "Metal Building shades" presents imaginative approaches for elevations of PEB Building and creates a rapid creative process.

The book have a collections of high quality rendered images of 1500+ design with each design shown in 10 popularly available colors in Indian market.It will help customers to choose a best suitable elevation design and color for there buildings. The finals chapters shows various type of buildings possible in prefab with pleasing elevations.​

METAL BUILDING SHADES is design reference guide for PEB manufacturers, Sheeting Suppliers, Builders, Contractors , Architects and Practicing engineers. 

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Remarkable Idea to Convince Customer and architects.

Shri. V Sanathanam,

Metalscope India Pvt Ltd.

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